Kolosov, Oleg S.

date of birth: July 16, 1941.

E-mail: KolosovOS@mpei.ru

Activities in the Department
Academic title: Professor
degree: doctor of technical Sciences


• the lecturer of the course "Electromechanical systems"
• the lecturer of the course "systems Engineering automation and control"
• the lecturer of the course "Elements of control systems"

Publications teacher:
• Kolosov O. S., B. B. Koshoeva “Algorithms for numerical differentiation of real-time tasks control” // mechatronics, automation, control. No. 2 — 2012. — p. 10-15
• Kolosov O. S., B. B. Koshoeva «the Methods of implementation of algorithms of numerical differentiation in the law regulation with increased discretization step” // mechatronics, automation, control. No. 8 — 2012. — p. 13-18
• Anisimov D. N., Vershinin D. V., Kolosov O. S., Zueva M. V., Tsapenko I. V. “Diagnosis of the current state of dynamic objects and systems of complex structure by methods of fuzzy logic with the use of simulation models" // Artificial intelligence and decision-making. No. 3 — 2012. — p. 95-106
• Kolosov O. S., Lepeshkin S. N., Smirnov V. N., Faleev, Yu. R. “Simulation dynamic model of the compressor workshop real time composition of the training centre» // Devices and systems. Management, control, diagnostics. No. 3 — 2012. — p. 95-106

• Identification (structural and parametric) of dynamic objects with multiple nonlinearities