Kosinski Mikhail

date of birth: July 5, 1987.

E-mail: KosinskyMY@mpei.ru

Activities in the Department
Academic title: senior lecturer
Academic degree: candidate of technical Sciences


• the laboratory course "Methods of data analysis"
• the laboratory course "the Analysis of stochastic processes"
• the laboratory course "data processing"
• lecturer of the course "Neuro-fuzzy diagnosis and control system"
• the laboratory course "Neuro-fuzzy diagnosis and control system"

Publications of lecturer:
• Kosinsky M. Yu., The Shahin V. A. “the Development of neuro models for analysis of operational reliability of the automated systems» // mechatronics, automation, control. No. 6 — 2012. — p. 16-21

• automation of the analysis process the telemetry data of the spacecraft
• Study questions reliability of technical systems using neuro-fuzzy technologies
• Ensure information integrity on-Board computing devices of the spacecraft
• Development of control system for orientation and stabilization of spacecraft