Tolcheev Vladimir O.

date of birth: October 17, 1966.


Activities in the Department
Academic title: associate Professor
degree: doctor of technical Sciences

the courses:
• the lecturer of the course "Identification and diagnostics of systems"
• the laboratory course "Identification and diagnostics of systems"
• the lecturer of the course "abs imitation PE. modeling of objects and systems. AVT-tion"
• the lecturer of the course "Statistical methods in engineering studies"

Publications of lecturer:
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• Borodkin A. A. Tolcheev V. O. “On evaluation of the accuracy and time characteristics of the methods of classification of bibliographical text documents» // Scientific session MEPhI-2008. Collection of scientific works. T. 11. Technology development of software systems. Information technology MEPhI — 2008. — p. 152 153
• Tolcheev V. O. “problem Analysis and development of procedures for identifying near-duplicate of scientific articles through bibliographic descriptions" // Informational technologies. No. 2 — 2011. — p. 17-21
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• Derbenev, N. In. Tolcheev V. O. «Identifying fuzzy duplicates in the scientometric analysis» // Informational technologies. No. 12 — 2011. — p. 24-29
• Derbenev, N. In. Tolcheev V. O. “to Develop a method of detecting fuzzy duplicates in bibliographic descriptions" // 9th Intern. Conf. “Intelligent information processing IOI-2012”, Montenegro, Budva. 16-22 September — 2012. — p. 613-616
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• Yablokov I. A., Mokhov A. S., Tolcheev V. O. “the Research methods to identify informative terms for the solution of the problem of classification of addresses of employees of the Bank” // Information systems and technology XXIV conference, G. N. Novgorod — 2018. — p. SS. 1027-1032

• data mining Methods (Data and Text Mining, Knowledge Discovery), including search methods, visualization, classification (clustering) of multidimensional data and the identification of informative features
• Develop programs – “intelligent” agents for finding information on the Internet; information Web-portals; algorithms to process unstructured (textual) information
• Structural and parametric identification of dynamical systems. The construction of optimal signals to determine the parameters of linear features