Filaretov Gennady
date of birth: 4 August 1938


Activities in the Department
Academic title: Professor
degree: doctor of technical Sciences


• the lecturer of the course "Neurocomputers and their application"
• the lecturer of the course "the Analysis of stochastic processes"

Publications of lecturer:
• Filaretov G. F., Popov I. O. “the Allocation of series of anomalous observations in a correlated time series,” // MPEI Vestnik. No. 2 — 2011. — p. 72-77
• Bobryakov, A. V., Derzhavin O. M., Sidorova E. Yu., Filaretov G. F.(Alexander Bobryakov, Otto Derzhavin, Sidorova Elena and Gennady Filaretov) «On decomposition of a singularly perturbed dynamical system model with perturbation parameters of different orders of magnitude" // International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 12, Number 15 (2017) — 2017. — p. 5383-5388 (Scopus)

• Recognition system based on artificial neural networks (applications – diagnostics, ecology)
• Digital signal analysis with application of statistical methods and artificial neural networks (app – medicine, Geophysics, Economics, etc.)